How it works

3 Steps To Masonic Passport

After downloading the app on your smartphone, signup by choosing the appropriate category:

Libertas 5775 World Union Members

If your lodge is a member of the World Union Libertas that means your Grand Lodge and Lodge are listed in the system.

    1. When signing up select your Grand Lodge and Lodge from the dropdown menu.
    2. Login and compete your profile setup.
    3. Wait for the verification confirmation from your Lodge admin via email to start using the app’s full functionality.


Other Freemasonry Organizations

This is an option for non-members of the Union as a tool for running your organization smoothly. After verification your organization will be able to:

    1. Get full access to the dashboard to create your Grand Lodge and/or Lodge and allow member registration.
    2. Create and view events on the level of your own Grand Lodge and Lodge, and all Union events.
    3. Interact and connect with other Freemasons who set their profiles to “visible”


I want to become a Freemason

If you want to become a freemason but don’t know how, signup here and we will direct you to the nearest lodge. You will be prompted to the following:

    1. Enter your persona details
    2. If you have a quarantor, select the option and add guarantors name and passport number.
    3. Answer the 3 questions and submit.

Note: The Union representative will contact you via email with the following steps. 

Other Tools


Passport is your identification and verification tool for attending events.


Tool for communicating emergencies to other members willing to help.


Map is a marketing tool for businesses listed by the member for the members.


Wallet contains receipts of all recent event transactions.

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