How it works

3 steps to Masonic Passport

If privacy is of great importance to you, then you have options to be 100% anonymous. Let’s explore the principles on which masonic passport is built and the security features it offers.

1. Use of pseudonyms

If you don’t have official pseudonym in your lodge, then choose your new pseudonym and report it to your Worshipful Master.

2. Your Picture

This is an option and not a requirement.

3. Database encryption

Rest assured that the app is encryptd with a custom encryption so the information is unreadable and invaluable to the outsiders without THE KEY.

Other Tools


Passport is your identification and verification tool for attending events.


Tool for communicating emergencies to other members willing to help.


Map is a marketing tool for businesses listed by the member for the members.


Wallet contains receipts of all recent event transactions.

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