Grand Lodges / Lodges

Full access dashboard:


– LODGE Admin

Dashboard includes:

– Ritual work event creation

– (payment via mobile app)

– User entry 

– User sign-up verification

– Analytics and statistics

Price: Free

Note: Use of the Masonic Passport Digital Platform for our Partners (Grand Lodges and/or Lodges) is completely free as there are no monthly or annual fixed costs for the service.

Platform fees (ticket sales):

TICKET “A” – Event Only

5% service fee

Note: Type “A” tickets are for event entry, for example: participation in the Ritual Work, conferences, etc. Additionally, gateway (card processing) fee is 2.9% + 30c per transaction.

TICKET “B” – Event + Initiation

3% service fee

Note: Type “B” tickets are for events + initiation cost. Additionally, gateway (card processing) fee is 2.9% + 30c per transaction.

How to become a Partner or user of the Masonic Passport digital platform?

If you are the authorized person representing your Grand Lodge or Lodge, contact us via the following e-mail: [email protected]

Users -Members

Who can be a user of the Masonic Passport mobile application?

There are 3 basic types of users:

1. Members of the LIBERTAS 5775 World Union

a. Freemasons whose Lodge has signed the Partnership Agreement which means that the respective Lodge is in the system and the user can select it when signing up.

(Information verified by your own Grand Lodge or Lodge)

2. Other Organizations

a. Freemasons whose Lodge is not a member of the Union

b. Other non-Freemasonry organizations and secret societies

(the Union will verify the validity of entered information)

3. Individual who is not a Freemason but would like to become one. 

a. A simple way to submit your application and request admission. 

Note: the app itself does not grant permission of any kind. Assigned Lodge will process your application further and get in touch with you. Until you get assigned to your new Lodge you have limited access to the app’s functionality.

Price: $60/year – annual subscription

(For all types of end users)

Note: Downloading the mobile application from Google Play and Apple Store is free, and use is only possible after paying the annual subscription. For all additional information, contact us by e-mail: inf[email protected]

“All Freemasons in One Digital Lodge.”

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